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Game set and match : the new rules for sports broadcasting

In 2019 France Televisions took a bold step by making the iconic French Tennis Open  (“Roland-Garros”) tournament freely available to the public on its OTT and social channels.

Why radio stations MUST start using video: new eBook


For the first time ever, radio stations are beginning to use video to complement their audio output on a big scale. Why are radio stations using social and OTT video at all, and how is it helping them?

Who got the social media news video scoop on Notre Dame?

As reports of the fire engulfing Notre Dame rolled in on the evening of 15th April, the world’s attention centered on Paris and its famed cathedral. Dramatic images of the collapsing tower were splashed on newspaper front pages the next day, and news channels that night broadcast live footage of the devastation to stunned audiences.