Ingest, Edit, Publish & Monetize

Cloud-based Platform for Video Production, Hyper-Distribution and Content Monetization

Smart Ingest

Acquire streams and files.


Easy & Fast Edit

Detect, describe, decorate, create in seconds.


Massive Publish

Hyper-distribute to all digital & social platforms in one-click.



Branding. Ad insertion.
User acquistion & engagement.

Key Benefits

Expand your audience, make it
engaged & sticky
  • Be the fastest to publish key moments!
    Get it online within 30 seconds
  • Create more content, overcome editorial resource limitations
  • Improve content personalization and relevance
Grow revenues with smart advertising,
brand exposure
Accelerate your digital & broadcast convergence
Improve your business efficiencies with end-to-end workflow automation
Publish in one-click.
Rely on with a solution proven at Tier-1 right holders and broadcasters. Highest CSAT.
Enjoy 360° flexibility with licensing, legacy systems integration, workflow customization

Smart Ingest

Don’t let scalability or compatibility concerns dictate
which content to ingest. Take it all.

Live streams ingestion
Unlimited capacity, multi-formats
Video files acquisition
Browse your own asset management systems. Clip while ingesting
Smart auto-indexing (AI/ML)
Automatic content-analysis for Sports, News, and Entertainment
On-the-fly transcoding
All formats and multi-bitrate

Easy & Fast Edit

Create videos in seconds. No technical skills needed.

Web-based Editor for Live, highlights and long form video
  • One-click branding
    Overlays, pre/post rolls, transitions
  • Captioning and meme text
    Speech-to-text, multi-format subtitling
  • Manual and auto-cropping
    Dynamic tracking of action on screen
  • Reels Video editor
    Create mashups and auto-generate summaries
  • Metadata enhancement
    3rd Party data aggregation and distribution
  • Live feed switching and mid-roll insertion
From Manual to Assisted to Fully Automated (AI/ML) edition modes
Multi-Editors project collaboration, Access Rights Management

more than 2.500 trained editors

Massive Publish

All forms publishing (Live and VoD) with one platform.

more than 4.000 publications per day

Unlimited content to unlimited destinations
Premium, custom and social networks syndicators
Clips/highlights publishing in near real-time
Automated destinations. Predefined templates.
Live streaming to digital channels
Broadcasting without limit
Digital rights protection
Geo-blocking, time-based, demographics criteria


Extract more value from your content.

Digital and social network monetization
Twitter Amplify, Facebook branded content, YouTube monetization
Dynamic Advertising Insertion for Live streams
Subscriber Acquisition & Retention
Call-to-Action, Paid vs Free content differentiation
Dedicated Sponsorship
Branded content campaigns


Cloud-based video production platform
for hyper-distribution of time-critical content.

Live in-platform 24/7 support
Tier-1 Broadcaster-grade scalability and reliability
Designed for legacy systems integration - Open APIs
Analytics dashboard for Content Performance Indicators
Multi-Cloud, Global Presence