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Generate near-live highlights & personalized summaries for your fans.
Automatically, in seconds

With the acquisition of the French “Ligue 1 Near-Live rights”, beIN SPORTS wanted to create a mobile-first experience, powered by in-app purchase.

Produce 120+ clips per match
automatically for your custom digital destinations

Push personalized highlights
and after-game summaries to your fans

Monetize your Live sports content
even if you can't publish on social media

France Télévisions

Raphaël Goldwaser,
TV Architect of France Télévisions said:

"By the end of 2017 we knew it was a right time to move to the cloud. We wanted to build a fully redundant and scalable architecture. Wildmoka came with the best proposal and the best pricing...We built a simple architecture that was used at Roland Garros, Tour de France and soon the Olympics. Our main requirements were to do unlimited live channels, live to VOD, clips and to publish any video on any digital platform."

Discover the journey of a public broadcaster to integrate a full cloud workflow for unlimited digital broadcasting

new video assets daily


24/7 live channels

10 000
hours of video

Use case: Ski Federation

Near-live content delivery, powered by automation:
Delivered in real time while the event happens

Create new revenue models by leveraging the athlete's fan base & boosting the value of near-live content:

For Sponsors:
- The athlete gets in seconds the video of his performance, branded with the sponsor's graphical assets

- The athlete can then post it on personal social accounts and leverage his fan base, creating value for Sponsors (those posts are reaching more than 100k views each)

For Broadcast:
-The athlete can send the video of his performance just after it happened, generating tune-in from fans to Live TV


Find out how beIN SPORTS surpassed audience expectations during 2018 FIFA World Cup with automated near-live highlights generation
Full coverage for all 64 World Cup games in 3 different languages (Arabic, English, French).
Real-time distribution across multiple internal and external channels.
At the end of each game, a fully branded summary combining important moments from the games.