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Cristian Livadiotti & Thomas Menguy


“Our purpose is to make complex technology enjoyable and accessible to anyone, cross all media & broadcast departments, for an optimal user experience.

Wildmoka is our second entrepreneurial venture. Building a company together allowed us to create an environment of cohesive, self-motivated attitude that binds people in their activity, and a working atmosphere which holds to our own standards and values."


Focusing on values allows us to be intentional about our behavior on a daily basis. Our culture is built on passion, integrity and humility and we apply these principles every day, in all areas of our activity. Our core brand values are:

Think Customer

Our customers are our prime consideration and we are fully dedicated to delivering impeccable service. We are responsive, honest and open in our relationships, and seek to build trust and confidence. We listen to our clients and anticipate their needs in order to ensure every experience is positive.

Pursuit of excellence

At Wildmoka, we hold our work to the highest of standards and we strive to ensure quality, technical and ethical. Our constant desire for improvement helps us to continuously develop our offering and enables us to grow along with industry needs.

We over Me

We believe that passion and personality matter, and every individual has something special to bring. We have created an environment of togetherness and enthusiasm to encourage our team members pursuit of growth and development.

Be humble

We never underestimate our competition and we learn from mistakes and success in equal measure. We cherish openness and we are curious to learn from anyone and anywhere, to hear and accept honest feedback.

Think big, be good, have fun

That says it all - we see the glass half full and we believe that the sky is our limit. We respect each other and work together to reach our goals. We work hard and when we do win, we celebrate. Because working at Wildmoka is fun!



Cristian Livadiotti

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Menguy

President & Chief Technology Officer


Christophe Sarlot

Chief Financial Officer


Olivia Bacelon

Office Manager


Olivia is our office guadian angel. She is the one taking care of us so nicely and making sure we scale up with style. She is also a pastry chef and makes the best Tropézienne cake. Lucky us!


John Van Wagner

Chief Commercial Officer

Matthieu Loreille

Chief Marketing Officer

Charlie Deane

Director of Sales, LATAM


Charlie is a real character and always has a story to tell (really, most of his sentences begin with: "Let me tell you a story...")

Jakob Hummes

VP of Business Development

Christophe Danglot

Sales Manager, Europe

Jamie Lakin

Sales Manager, UK & Ireland

Marta Rydbeck

Sales Manager, Nordics

Lucille Mari

Marketing & Communications Manager


Brice Orsaud

Head of CSM & Solution Delivery

Andy Fineberg

Customer Sucess Manager for North America

Julia Palandri

Customer Success Manager


Julia is the most colorful Moka team member! You never know how what her hair color will be next week or what new tattoo she will get.

Toby Forage

Customer Success Manager Australia

Angélique Délibero

Customer Success Manager

Luis Munoz

Customer Success Manager LATAM


Stéphanie Levieil

Head of Development

Jérôme Patey

Head of Integrations

William Ribeyre

Head of Product

Régis Montoya

Lead Developer

Régis is the walking Wildmoka bible, a human version of a platform encyclopedia, a true internal Google for any technical queries :) If you have a question, look no further - Régis will know the answer! 

Guillaume Romanczyk

Production Engineer

Paul Bachelerie

Software Engineer

Jonathan Pasini

Software Engineer

Réda Zeghari

Software Engineer

Olivier Guizol

Software Engineer

Rémi Piro

Software Engineer

Vasile Sambor

Software Engineer

Vasile is the regional chess tournament champion for the Côte d'Azur. We offer a special prize for the one who manages to beat him as internally, at Wildmoka, nobody can! 

Skander Ben Mahmoud

Software Engineer

Nicolas Nagy

Software Engineer

Olivier Giammetta

Software Engineer

Omar Sy

Software Engineer


Raffi Kamber

Board member

Alven Capital

Louis Renaudin

Board member


Gilles Lioret

Board member


Radomir Jovanovic

Board member

Advans Group

Harold Dumeurger

Board member

Starquest Capital


Got the skills and vision to create the next generation of broadcast and socialisation apps or infrastructure? We'd love to hear from you!